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Juggling is a way to enhance physical and mental well-being. It helps to improve concentration, responsiveness, spatial sense, and sense of time, rhythm and balance. Due to the constant use of the muscles, mobility and stamina will be increased. Juggling also improves peripheral vision and trains coordination and perception. Juggling is an excellent way to reduce stress through its almost meditative uniformity.
Mastering something extraordinary leads to strengthened self-confidence.
The aim of juggling is to maintain a pattern. The key to success lies in letting go: Instead of following the balls with the eyes a good juggler keeps his eyes on the highest point the balls reach during flight. While practicing, the juggler learns to play with the balls by relying on the laws of physics, which dictate the path the balls are going to take.
Juggling can be a special form of meditation:
The attention is focused on a simple, but perfectly rhythmic, and usually very symmetrical, pattern that can be completely controlled. There is no way to plan or to look back, if one juggles at the limit of his capabilities one has to concentrate fully on the pattern and its current state.  Thus it can take one’s mind off the stresses of everyday life, and help to develop inner peace.